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Our Clinical Technicians


Our clinical technicians are regarded as some of the most caring and highly skilled eye care assistants in Central Florida! They directly assist our doctors in the medical, visual, and contact lens care of our patients. 


After you check-in at the front desk, you will soon be greeted by your technician and brought to the exam room.  Here you will spend the next 15 minutes preparing to see the doctor.  Our technicians pride themselves on providing a calming and reassuring presence and making you feel not only comfortable but well understood prior to seeing the doctor.  They are here to be your advocate and not only document what concerns you may have that brought you in for an exam, but to also help identify complaints or concerns you didn’t even know could be addressed by our team.  They make it their mission to prevent you from needing to repeat yourself throughout the examination process and making sure your entire visit is seamless and enjoyable.


Once your needs are understood the technician will perform a few preliminary measurements prior to you seeing the doctor.  These will include: visual acuity, color vision testing, depth perception testing, eye pressure measurement, blood pressure, as well as retinal imaging.


Our technicians will also administer any additional medical/visual testing and perform procedures ordered by our doctors, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), visual field testing (peripheral vision), macular pigment optical density testing, corneal topography, and corneal pachymetry.  


Our technicians also work directly with our contact lens patients, keeping up to date with the newest and most advanced contact lens technologies.  They are highly skilled in teaching patients of all ages to apply and remove soft and hard contact lenses.  Whether it be for cosmetic or medical purposes.

Meet Our Clinical Technicians

Evan joined us in 2023 and is training to become a senior clinical technician. Evan is Mr. Congeniality.  He is thorough, professional, and truly dedicated to our patients.



Nathalie is cross trained in all departments but spends most of her time as a clinical technician.  Her expertise in the optical boutique offers patients a well rounded perspective from the very beginning of the exam.  Nathalie is always thinking one step ahead to make sure the patient has the most positive experience. You can count on Nathalie to help guide you through all aspects of the eye exam.



Rosa first joined us as a visiting student from UCF.  As an aspiring optometrist she requested to shadow our doctors.  After the second visit, we loved her so much we asked her to join our team. Rosa spends her time in the clinic helping prepare patient's for the doctors.  She is a fast learner and is passionate about patient care.  Rosa is going to make a great optometric physician someday and we just hope she brings her talent back to us upon graduation.



Nina is a senior clinical technician and is working toward her paraoptometric certification.  She has been in the medical field since 2008, starting in neurology and joining optometry in 2021. Nina also spends her time verifying insurance benefits for patients prior to their exam.  She is an instrumental part of helping patient's maximize their insurance benefits.  Nina's favorite part of working with patients is the diversity and the unique paths with cross at our door.



Roseline is a senior clinical technician and is working toward her paraoptometric certification.  Roseline has been working within optometry since 2014.  She is meticulous with her clinical skills and always striving to provide the best care for the patients.  Roseline loves being a part of something that impacts other people's lives in a positive way and feels that is one of the best rewards in life.



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